Can i use a common Garagesale library on NAS?

Hi there,

i don’t know if this is possible but can i use one Garagesale Library, saved on a Network store for several mac’s ?

In my case, i use an iMac as well as a Macbook with Garagesale 7 on both. Can they use the same library ? This would make it a lot easier .

Hope someone can answer my question .

Thanks in advance

We never tried this, and I have doubts it will work, but if you have some time to spent, you can give it a try. Remember, this is not supported by us and you are on your own. You might be slowly corrupting your database without immediately noticing. Having said that, this should do the trick:

First, make sure you always have a current backup of your GarageSale data.
Second, make sure you don’t access the GarageSale library from two Macs at the same time.

You would need to copy the folder Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7 to your NAS and replace the original with a symlink pointing to the copy on the NAS.

Let me know how works, but please don’t be angry if it doesn’t.

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