Can we add this button to the get fees dialog box

Hi, it always puzzles me why the three menus items “Start Auctions” Verify Listings & get Listing Fees, all seem to do a verify & check when you call them up.

what about some amalgamation here to lessen the amount of mousing around.

I made this mock up one the Listing Fees resulting Dialogue box, but it could also be done to the Verify dialogue box also.

after all, at present, you have to click off the dislodge box, and then mouse back up to the menu bar again… when for the same effort as clicking the close button, you could send it straight to the Start auction work…

anything that simplifies mousing around can’t be all that bad, right.!?!

regards, Sandy

There are mainly there for historic. You could use hit “Start auctions”, and ignore the other two menu items. The “start auctions panel” will also show you the fees and errors.