Can you bulk edit?

can you bulk edit? I would like to edit the handling time on my listings (5000+). Is there a way to do it in large bulks? thanks

Yes. On the left side of GS where your listings are, select the ones your want to change. If all the listing are already in one folder, simply click on the folder, make sure all the items you want to change are selected (highlighted) in the center panel, then change the handling time. After you’ve changed them, go back and click on a few individual listings to make sure they were changed properly just to check.

To select all items in a long list, you can click on the first item in the list, scroll to the bottom, hold down the Shift key, then click on the bottom item. That will select everything in between. If there are items in the list you don’t want to include, you can leave those out by holding down the Command key and clicking those individually, as it will leave the others selected.

The listings you’ve selected will appear in the center panel. Press Command-a (for “select all”) and make sure all of the items are selected, but it should do this automatically for you. Once they are all selected in the center panel, change the handling time to whatever you like.

Hope this helps.

Another way to streamline bulking editing is by using AppleScript:

Yes, you can bulk edit, but I think the program will have a stroke if you try to edit all 5000+ listings at once.

How exactly do you do this? I highlighted the listings but then what?

On caveat to watch out for is to make sure that the listings you selected on the left-hand side, are also selected in the middle area of GarageSale, because that’s what the inspector works on. BluckChangeCategory

Thank you ilja, you example is perfect…I would not have been able to to figure it out.

Sorry you didn’t understand my explanation, but at least ilja was able to help you out. I described exactly what he shows in that animation.

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