Can you set certain Buyer Requirements as default?

I know I can do it individually for each new listing. But I would l like to block buyers with unpaid strikes as a default so I dont need to go change them each time How can I do this?

That is an eBay setting.

Ah ok; I never look at eBay , lol! but as I see it is also a GS thing…

The best way to do this is to create one listing that contains all your default settings. Then in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > New Listing define this listing as the “master” listing. Please also see the help here:

Regards, Kristian

@rlmartinThat link only gives me the option to totally BLOCK bidders, not to set options like people with unpaid feedback strikes…

Totally difficult to find. It is under “site preferences” in your account tab

@rlmartin, thanks so much! You are right -never saw that page! Thanks for the pointer.

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