Cannot delete details of non paying buyers

I have a buyer who has not paid. I have subsequently cancelled the order via the eBay unpaid item assistant.

However, the transaction is still showing in my Waiting For Payment folder. It has not auto-updated since the cancellation and I cannot figure out how to delete the listing. There is no delete function, nor can I drag it to my deleted folder.

Please advise.

You’re referring to an order that is displayed in your “Waiting For Payment” smart group, did I get this correctly?
You can’t delete an item from inside a smart group but you can reveal and then delete the original order:
To easily jump to the original of an item displayed in a smart group, right-click on it and select “Reveal Original”.

After deleting the original item it should no longer be shown in the smart group.

More about groups/smart groups:

Regards, Kristian

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et voila! Perfect. Thank you.

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