Cannot list...again!

Ok, GS says this is an eBay issue, I just want to know why I cannot list it is really ticking me off as not making my life easier now. Changed the title, changed the listing, changed the returns, changed the payment! Please don’t tell me to look at the common list of things again, just sort a solution with eBay.!18

The first two are dumb enough let alone the last one.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Just listing via eBay direct now - what a waste.

I am sorry for the messy eBay error situation but it’s too easy to just blame GarageSale.

For those who get the same error:

“The item cannot be listed or modified” is eBay’s infamous error #240.
Error #240 is returned and generated by the eBay server (not by GaragSale).

Often this error is returned by eBay when you’re using any word or code that eBay does not allow.
We created a special help page that list all facts we know about this error:

You’ll see that it can have numerous reasons.
Thanks to the vague error description this error is really misleading and often it’s very hard to figure out what is causing it.

Also note that eBay makes use of content filters to make sure you don’t use prohibited terms or code if you use a third party listing tool like GarageSale. eBay doesn’t seem to use such restrictive filters if you list through their website. That’s why you sometimes don’t get this error there.

You can always export and post one of your affected listings here so we or other users can help figuring out what is causing that eBay error.

Regards, Kristian

I appreciate your quick support, but the whole point of GS was to make listing faster with less hassle. eBay is kicking you around. What are you doing to address this with eBay?

About 30% of my listings via GS now fail to upload from zero failures 3 years ago. It is just too much grief; so I just just list direct via eBay instead. I don’t like the eBay interface etc, but rather forced there until GS make some progress with them, being told you have an unknown number of ‘possible’ errors is just the dumbest thing. I will not spend time learning eBay’s unknown listing rules. I just want to clear my home are you going to help or tell me to learn eBay rules…again…?

As an eBay seller you should always know the basic eBay rules, however, nobody (except for eBay) knows why they return that error.

Regards, Kristian

I think that is the point I am making, why should we have to waste our time memorising eBay’s filter rules - I wanted time saving from GS not trouble shooting as much as your support is fast and good, I would rather not be subject to uploading for comment.

Has GS applied any pressure on eBay regarding this matter, I imagine it is in your interest to stop customers walking?

How do I upload the exported listing? .gslisting is not a supported format here?

“Zipping” the file should do the trick. (In the Finder right-click on the file and select “Compress”.)

Regards, Kristian

its too big so here is the one with reduced picture count…Marantz Professional CC4300 5-disc CD changer DJ player, jukebox in 19”rack! (3.1 MB)

Thanks in advance, the UK eBay version is now live, but not done on GS :frowning:

I imported the listing here but can’t reproduce that error. I didn’t get error #240 from eBay during verifying. I also started a test listing to their sandbox system without any issues.

These are my thoughts:

  • It might have to dow ith your eBay account.
  • It might have to do with the character you’re using in your listing title, description and condition description.
  • It might have to do with the term “include” you’re using in your description.
  • It might have to do with the text “do make an offer” you’re using in your description and condition description.
  • It might have to do with the external link you’re using in your description.

Since I can’t reproduce the issue, it’s impossible for me (or GarageSale) to find out what is causing the issue.
It’s worth a try to remove/replace the mentioned characters/text/links for test purposes.

Regards, Kristian

I can understand your frustration DemiGod but I do agree with the GS crew. Ebay are, and probably will be for many years to come, a law unto themselves. They make changes all the time without notice. They know that they have such a commanding pace in the market place that everyone else his just expected to play catchup. In fairness to the GS guys, they implement as soon as they are informed of the change. In most case the rely on us, the ebay users’ to nortify them when a change has been spotted.

Sadly though, we only tend to spot these things when we are listing and that is frustrating.

Thank you for your understanding! I will stick with it as with GS I can work on multiple listings more easily.

First, thank you for your tireless support! So for me the listing passes the verification process but only fails on last minute with this listing; just done three further auction style listings from GS fine. So, probably not my account, but I’ll kick out: ", include, and external links next time.

The others three auctions all had “do make an offer” in the body so I don’t think it is that, but perhaps the upload filter rules are different for auction or BIN? We will never know.
Best wishes,

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