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Recently upgraded to version 9 from version 7 after 7.x kept crashing on startup. Using Monterey latest version. So I couldn’t list with 7.0; I am already running into problems listing, not thrilled at all. I’m unable to list at all because of these bugs. Very frustrating.

For certain auction profiles I am unable to select the item condition at all. I can however enter text into the condition details. The item condition box is completely grayed out. The category supports condition as I can’t list without it – the listing gets kicked back by eBay as incomplete.

Yes, I’ve searched this forum for fixes…I refreshed the eBay profile and category settings. Yes, I have toggled the category back and forth for this listing. Nothing fixes the issue…except changing the category to one which doesn’t match the item. I have anywhere from 40-50 listings demonstrating this behavior in version 9.0. Do I need to create them all from scratch? That will take hours.

Edit: Also unable to toggle the best offer setting in these listings.
Edit2: Creating listing from scratch also does not work. As soon as I select the category the condition listing grays out.

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When this happens to me (which is once in a while, for a couple of categories) it’s usually because eBay has changed the category API information on their side, and GS has not yet synchronized it.

  1. select one of the affected items
  2. when you examine the category in the picker, you will (probably) see that “Condition” is not in the list of properties “supported” at the bottom (something like “Category 259104 supports: Color, Size, [Condition]” etc
  3. manually re-download the categories, using the little gear dropdown menu in the Category setting interface for that item
  4. change the category for that item to some other one
  5. change it back to the one you want

This seems to be a relatively recent bug, since the API changes a few months ago. Once you’ve fixed it for one item in that category, I find it doesn’t pop up again for others.


Thanks. I’ve been trying to figure out why it seemed to work for some listings and not others. In doing so I’ve found other bugs as well, but you saved me hours of aggravation and headache. Back to listing!


I stop and start at least 100 listings every day, and rarely change anything but the prices. And GarageSale rarely gets updated in the background (once every few months, frankly). So when something like this comes up for me, it’s almost always a change on the eBay side, and re-downloading the info from them usually—maybe even magically—tends to fix stuff.

There are also sometimes weird problems where about 1/4 of launches will fail or report new errors. Those always seem to be “one of the four eBay server processes is not updated correctly” and when I re-try 3/4 of the failed ones work the second time, and so on…

I had the same problem and in my case the re-download of category list fixed the problem in one listing but in other listings using other categories which were ok before the same problem occured. If I then re-download these are ok but the first one is “buggy” again.

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