Can't Launch Auctions - "You need to create a seller’s account"

I am using GarageSale Pro 8.3.6 on my MacBook Pro 16" with OS X 10.15.7 Catalina, and it won’t launch my auctions. I keep getting the message “You need to create a seller’s account” even though my eBay name and my PayPal email address appears correctly in Account preferences. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it???

On advice from GS Tech Support, I deleted and replaced my token from within GS Pro Account Prefs and quit the application and restarted my computer, and did the same procedure from my Keychain Access and the error still persists! I checked eBay and all appears to be OK there. I have not switched to eBay Managed Payments but I also sometimes get a PayPal error although GS tech support told me I could ignore that message.
I wonder if there is a glitch somewhere because I first downloaded the GarageSale Demo to try it on my machine, and then I upgraded and purchased GS Pro. Are there some GS Demo prefs lurking somewhere in my system that might be confusing GS Pro?
I am getting extremely frustrated with this issue. I used GarageSale about 6 years ago and loved it, but I am starting to hate this version. :frowning:

FIXED THE PROBLEM!!! Here’s what I did:
My problem with the "You need to create a seller’s account” GS Preflight Error Message was actually my own fault and due to “PEBCAK” (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard). How embarrassing!!!
I assumed my sellers account was set up, but as a last resort, I phoned eBay this morning to check and found out that the GarageSale Error Message was 100% correct, and I did not have my Seller’s Account set up after all, just like it said in the error message!!!

eBay helped me get set up and made sure it was working. After I spoke with eBay, if memory serves, here’s what I did:
1- Opened GarageSale
2- Went to GS Preferences>Account and deleted my eBay Token
3- Quit GarageSale
4- Restarted my computer and opened GarageSale
5- Added the eBay token again in GS Account Prefs, and…

I now have 5 auctions running, and all seems to be functioning like it should. Thanks to @Kristian for all of the speedy and patient tech support replies during the past week to my many questions.


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