Can't open some of the templates

For some reason I am unable to see anything for a few of my templates. I thought that maybe it was because they are not attached to active listings, but some show up fine and others don’t show anything at all. I’m not sure what could be wrong since I’m not seeing a pattern to the ones I cannot access other than the fact that they are no longer active, but only some don’t work. Please advise.

What mode are you using to look at your listings? Editor or Preview mode? There is a segmented button in the toolbar to switch between modes.

I use preview mode. I believe I have the most up to date version of GarageSale (7.0.5). I have no problems seeing some of the listings (with solid green tags) but for some reason I cannot see anything on some of the others (also with the green tags). Sometimes GarageSale will close after I try to view one of these templates.

Hi Julia,

can you see the Inspector sidebar or is it vanished, too?

Regards, Kristian

Hi kristian.

I am experiencing the same issue. After initially updating to GarageSale7 my database appeared and was usable. I was able to open and manipulate the listings. A week or so ago I was prompted to update GarageSale7. After updating I could no longer open any of my listings. Switching between Editor, Preview and Live modes doesn’t help. Software also crashes now after selecting a few listings. Inspector sidebar is missing and ‘Toggle Inspector’ button does nothing. My version of GarageSale7 is 7.0.5 (783).

Edit 12.18.16 7:09PM EST - Found that if the completed listing is duplicated, the newly created listing will appear.

Edit 12.22.16 6:00PM EST - Issue resolved with [this version.] ( Thank you.

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