Can't unselect Automatic Restart after listing has ended

I have most of my listings set to automatically restart. Once a listing ends it immediately grays out the Automatic Restart section on the Advanced tab so I’m stuck with whatever selection was there when it ended. Sometimes I decide to NOT automatically restart it, but if I decide that after the listing has ended I can’t stop it since it immediately grays the section out. Hopefully that can be changed! Thank you! :slight_smile:


If the listing has ended either it was already restarted by GarageSale (as GarageSale does this with the ended event) or it was switched of and can not be “automatically” relisted because the ended event will never occur. This is the reason why you can not change this setting in an ended listing.


That’s not always the case. I have the preferences set to never update orders/listings and instead do it manually. Even when it’s set to never update, the listings still turn gray when they end, and the auto restart area immediately goes gray. I guess they must turn gray because GS’s internal clock knows that they will have ended, even though it is set to never update listings. I have my reasons why not being able to unselect the restart box is an issue for me, but I won’t explain it all here.

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