Can't Use Program

I am so upset about not being able to use the Garage Sale Program and not getting any help from GS - who developed the program and ebay who says if it is a 3rd party program- call them!!!

I do understand that ebay “should” be able to help me, however, these codes and directions are in your program and are preventing me from listing items. I was able to list a few items, but I don’t know what the difference is from the items I am not able to list. I did not select the codes. I don’t see any difference other than the 2 red circles by “Payments” and “Returns” on your program, when trying to list my items.

I am having problems with both Payments and Returns.
My accepted payment is “paypal” and then it wants me to select a return profile-
“If you selected profiles for returns and shipping, you need to choose a payment profile too"
Choices are:
“Payment Policy 8043129” - takes red circle away
"Paypal Immediate Payment” takes red circle away- but for a “Best offer” you can’t do an “Immediate Payment”

Under “Returns” it already says "Returns Not Accepted"
I get an error message:
“If you selected profiles for payments and shipping, you need to choose a return profile too”

Choices are:
“Don’t Use” which still keeps the red circle
"Return Policy 50088592"
You have NO checkbox for “Returns Not accepted.”

If anyone can help me, I would be most appreciative!

I had trouble with this also. You can not mix profiles and ‘not using’ profiles on a listing. If shipping is set to profile, and return policy is set individually you get errors. I do not use profiles on anything (shipping, return policy, or payments) and everything works OK.

That’s true, due to eBay rules and as described in the error message you have to use the business policy for all 3 options (shipping, returns, payment) or don’t use them at all.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks so much, but I have tried everything. How do you NOT use profiles? If I click on “Do Not Use” under profiles for both payment and shipping, I am still getting error codes.

You choose “Do Not Use” in the Returns settings as well.

Either you use a business policy profile in all three areas (payments, shippings, returns), or you specify the settings manually in GarageSale in each of these areas.

I thank all of you for your help. I am up and running and could not have done it without your support. Thanks so much for your time. I appreciate it.