Categories not working - garage sale generating incorrect links

There seems to be a bug in Garagesale where it’s adding hyphens (-) into the links for store categories, making them non-functional.

Here’s an example of a listing suffering the problem:
Chev / Holden stickers for LS1 LS2 LS3 6.5 V8 diesel duramax turbo - PAIR | eBay

As you can see, the store name is “Australian Images store”. The category links down the side go to error pages.

A link generated by eBay to a store category is:

While Garage Sale generates this for the same category:

Garage sale is putting hyphens in to the link where spaces exist in the store name, plus there are a few other differences.

There are a few other posts about this dating back to GS7, but doesn’t seem to be a solution. I initially tried this in GS 8.4, but just updated to 9.05 and the bug persists.

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we just updated the metadata for generating the eBay Store Category URL. Can you please restart the latest version of GarageSale and try again? This should fix the issue and the new URL should work.