Category "Downloading", on every click

Hi Paul,

Here is a movie showing the “Downloading”, on every click.

And while it is “downloading”, the app is “blocked”. Can not drag selected item…

Also happens after a item “drop”, from a drag-and-drop. Every time.

1+ second delay is annoying… :cry:

And the 2 listings.


2 Exported (7.4 KB)

Screen Recording (GarageSale)

Hi Neal,

this should be fixed in the next beta version. We no longer “download” data for items with no category selected. This makes no sense. Also the strange behavior of the condition popup will be fixed there.

Thanks for reporting this issue,

Hi Paul,

The Category “Downloading” is Fixed GarageSale 9.0 Beta 9. Thanx!!

But… Now…
It appears like the “Shipping” service might now also have the same issue with a “1 second delay” before the Red “!” shows up when “No Category selected”. The Red error “!” tool tip shows “Please disable the Global Shipping Program option or choose a different category.”


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