Changes to pay pal

I have changed my pay pal address, i ve changed in ebay no probs. i have been in preferences in grage sale changed pay pal address clicked update and refreshed all linked and unlinked account but when i send a listing live it still sends my old pay pal details to new live listing i have no idea why? I do reuse my listings duplicate and use like templates as i list a lot and it saves time. Please help asap

Can you double-check the that the PayPal address in GarageSale’s account settings did accept your new PayPal address?

I checked the code, and GarageSale does not store the PayPal address in the listings. Every time a listing is launched, the PayPal address is taken from the account settings. So, in theory, there’s no place where you old PayPal address could have been preserved in GarageSale.

Sure there is not an eBay payment profile? I had some similar problem, i my case eBay automatically creates a profile… it is a bit hard to find, under account (first click on account then move above mouse, there is business profiles or something like that).

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