Changing a category does not properly update Best Offer checkbox

Duplicate a listing with the Best Offer checkbox checked.
Change the listing category to a different category.
Now the Best Offer checkbox is NOT checked.

Click on another listing.
Click back to same listing and Best Offer checkbox IS now properly checked.

Only happens the FIRST time you change to THAT new category.

This just started with 9.0


Could you please send me the listings that’s happening with. I couldn’t reproduce this issue here. Maybe it’s specific to a site, category, or listing?

Here ya go…

W. Britian 20038 Zulu War, British 24th Foot, Alfred Hook, 54mm Metal (2.7 MB)

Yes, specific to a category (or group of categories), I believe…


I could reproduce the problem but only once. I guess something decides the category data is not valid or current when the “Best Offer” view is first initialized, but then never cares to update the Best Offer settings after the new category data has been downloaded.

Need to do some code digging now…

Yea, seems like “only the first time”…


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