Changing Center Panel View in GS7

I know this is nit-picky but it seems awkward to show all listings/orders at once. If I right click on the word ‘ORDERS’ on the left panel it shows all with the small photos in the center panel. That’s great, I love the view. But then I have to click again to dismiss the contextual menu. Seems like one left click only on the word ORDERS or LISTINGS should do this.

Thanks. I’m loving new look and organization on GS7
Steve Elliott

I didn’t even know that right clicking the category headers is possible. We have to think about making left-clicking a supported feature, as it right now seems to load all items from disk to memory. If you have a few hundred thousands listings or orders in your library, you don’t want to click the header line by accident.

I understand. That makes sense.
Thanks for the fast response.