Changing postage across multiple items. GS7 Yosemite

Having a few problems changing postage on multiple items when the postage rates differ across the items.

In the example below, changing the postage will change it in all items. This is good.

It is in the 2nd example where the problems lies.
One postage is different - hence the correct term “multiple selection”
However no matter what I seem to do, I cannot change this errant postage to match the other when editing postage in bulk.
The 2nd issue is finding this errant entry. If my editing list contains 100 items, how do I easily find the one with the incorrect postage?

You should be able to bulk change the postage settings for all 5 items in the second screenshot. If that’s not working, you are most likely running into some kind of a bug.

Can you please export the selected items from your screenshot and send them to us, so we can investigate we bulk changing in you scenario doesn’t work?

Hi Ilya

It will occur with any item that has the different postage, not just the ones in the image. You can easily check by just changing one. The same problem exists if one item has 3 postage rates and all the others have two.

It would be great to see the postage rates in the preview pane along with title, starting bid etc.

Also having to click the shipping rates in the inspector is a real pain when there is heaps of space to just list them. I think this has been suggested previously.

let me know if you still want me to export the items for you?


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