Characters numbers in title box is over text

the last update made the characters numbers in title box (that one into description field) over the text when you write untile the end of the box. See photo:


This is quite annoying.

The behavior of the character count has been overworked in GarageSale 8.1 (it now already appears on mouse-over (which was a user request) and is more reliable).

Hiding the char. count while typing doesn’t make sense. I can’t promise it but I’ll check if there’s a way to improve the behavior while typing.

Regards, Kristian

The problem goes away easily if you just widen your window a little bit. I can pile it all up on top of each other by making the window narrow.

This is not easy to do. Employee works always with the same window size due to monitor size, so there is not much he can do. He said it never happened before the new update.

In the next update the size of the character count will be decreased while typing.

Hope this helps,

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