Classified ads - The well hidden feature. V-7

Looked through the help section to no avail. There is no checkbox in advanced to list a Classified. Latest version of 7.

eBay Motors posting.

What am I missing here ?


The help says:

List as Classified Ad

Classified ads are a great way to list items, services, or properties for sale without creating an auction-style or fixed price listing. This unique listing format does not result in any actual bidding or purchasing on eBay, as it simply places a glorified ad in your desired eBay category.

Tread carefully though as buyers and sellers who transact through a classified ad can’t leave or receive feedback and aren’t covered by eBay Buyer Protection. GarageSale currently supports Classified Ads on, (“Inseratformat”), and

This is not to be confused with eBay’s separate “Classified Ads” (German: “Kleinanzeigen”) website!

You find that checkbox in the “Advanced” Inspector sidebar in your listing.

Please also note that there’s a difference between the “List as Classified Ad” option on the regular
eBay platform and the eBay classified platform. The later is not supported by GarageSale.
Only a very few categories (mainly real estate) support that option.

Regards, Kristian

So that was the issue I was on eBay Motors US. Really just wanted exposure nationally and do not wish to transact through EB. Just jacked the price and ran for 7 days. Maybe I can convert to Classified on the HTML in Motors.

Thanks for the reply,

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