Clearout of old Templates

I have thousands of listings in Garagesale that are out of date. I have just exported them as individuals to back them up.

How do I now clearout the entire programme without affecting any live listings and then download FRESH copies of updated listings from Ebay?

(When I import from Ebay it does not seem to use any corrections made on Ebay and correct the older templates in garagesale - is there also a way to read from Ebay and take those online changes to update the templates used int he first place?)

I use two shops



Hi ConorEP,

as far as I was able to follow you, you can simply put the listings into the trash, empty the trash and then re-download from eBay.

However, I am not sure if that’s a good idea: If you import a listing from “My eBay” the whole source code of the item description gets downloaded. This includes the code for the listing design and the embded images (image URLs). GarageSale is unable to “unmangle” design resources and images embedded into the description. The only way to edit those for these listings is by modifying the listing description’s HTML code manually.

GarageSale isn’t able to do that. It’s always a better idea to make the edits in GarageSale directly and use the built-in revise function instead of revising on the eBay website.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian -
I’ve gone ahead and deleted all the templates from Garagesale (After exporting them as a backup)

I then imported from Ebay and it downloaded fresh templates from the ebay accounts so that all worked very well.

My main problem is that there are lots of older designs full of bad design and html. Garagesale makes it very hard to delete all of that and simply make the text plain. Have you any suggestions for how to do that?

I just go into ebay now and cut and paste to an offline text editor and delete the html in the ebay window before pasting the plain text back


Hi ConorEP,

we already thought about adding an option that deletes all code from the item description.

For now, maybe this works for you:

  1. in Preview mode copy the whole text from the item description (cmd-a, cmd-c)

  2. switch to Editor mode, clear/delete the item description field there.

  3. Paste in the previously in step #1 copied text (cmd-v).

  4. switch back to Preview mode. You can format your item description text here and also add images and select a design as usual.

Thats would be a great feature - When you first start to sell you get carried away with design but that ultimately get corrupted and looks bad anyway so the ability to strip that coding away would be fantastic!

Thanks for the tip

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