Click and Collect Options


In the UK, eBay offer a click and collect service. This is great but there are restrictions on the items that qualify. This is determined mainly by size and weight. By default all listings are included in the scheme. It is possible in ebay to revise a listing to exclude it specifically or add weights and dimensions. Is there any way of excluding an item from the scheme through Garagesale? This would be really useful as if ship items that do not qualify they just get refused at the delivery stage. If this is something that could be added into GS6 which we are currently using that would be really helpful.

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Is “Click and collect” as shipping option? Or is it a payment option? Or something entirely different?


Sorry for the delay. Click and Collect is a service that ebay operate in the UK with a chain of retailers such that a customer can specify a delivery shop ( from a list ) near to them and they can go and collect their delivery with a security code. By default they enroll all our lstings into it unless we specifically ask for it be excluded. I’ll attach a screenshot as to how it appears when revising an item within eBay.



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