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I have many listings at $2,3,4 etc. That’s just the nature of the items I have for sale. If someone has an issue with combined postage then I may ask them to pay the full postage and refund in PayPal. That is about to become more difficult.
I rarely send with tracking and just cop the odd one going astray. But like I said, low cost items. No one would pay $6 for tracking when the item only costs $2


For my items, that $6 is without tracking. Add that and it is over $20 :unamused::smile:


Ah yes! Italian post is the worst at all with no doubts, but I had so many troubles also with shipping to Canada… it seems we are in the exact situation, difficult to find a solution…

In my idea it merely depends on who you are, if private who uses eBay as pastime or a serious (/professional) seller. If you are a business seller, you rarely can afford 99 cents. Here, in the standard fiscal regime, almost a half of your net income goes in taxes. And this is not a manner of speaking. Now you understand why other users who don’t pay taxes can afford to put rarest postcards at 99 cents as starting bid and then are happy also if it finished much slower than its regular price over the collectables market. This is at least my idea of the situation, at least in my country and for those goods I sell…

I have a excel file to calculate shipping fee and my prices are also higher than other sellers. Why? I think this is also because many of them don’t know how much fees ebay and Paypal keep, they just pay the bill. So they don’t know that if a shipping costs 10€, you at least need to put +3,4% (Paypal fees) + 0,35 cent (fixed PayPal) + 0,1 (ebay fee) and maybe 0,50 cent of packaging in order to go in tie and not loose money.

Eh yes, that ages far from poor Italy… that would be quite practical as method, but I still need to do all by myself because I have no other solutions at all…

Same here :sob: !! So Canada post are really similar to mine… and want to talk about “economy” shipping without tracking > item does not arrive/customer says it is not arrived > dispute > …

Come on , this is why I started participating in fairs :sweat_smile: !!!

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