Color codes for eBay extra fees

Where do I set the color code for eBay extra fees to show in the new version? I can’t see/find them.

Sorry, that feature not in there anymore.

Why was it eliminated?

Hi Nancy,

if you upload a listing you’ll get a fee overview in the Launch Control window. (Just click on the fee amount on the right side of the listing title.)

Regards, Kristian

The main reason was consistency. We support about 20 different eBay Sites, each with their different set of pricing rules. Unfortunately, no-one at eBay feels responsible to let us know about any price changes or short-lived promotions. So each time a price change was made at any of the sites we support, our UI was off, and we received complaints from confused and/or angry users about that. We decided that was not worth it, as people get a few overview in the app before listing (which is also sometimes off, as we rely on eBay data, and eBay doesn’t care to make their API return valid responses when they run special price promotions).

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