Color wheel spinning more often

Anyone else notice that the color wheel spins quite often and much longer since the upgrade to Mojave?

Yes, I have noticed the same.

I can’t say I have noticed any difference. I have been suffering from the dreaded spinning wheel for years. How many items in your database? I have 20,000+. I am sure it is to do with the ‘database’ size as it has been getting progressively worse.

It was only short couple second delay. Now it instantly jumped to about 15 seconds. Ebay says I have 1,400 listings but that is only a fraction of what I have in the data base. Where do you find a total?

CTRL A to select all items in the “Listings” (LHS) Pane and the total will appear at the top of the right hand pane. This is also a good opportunity to sit back and happily watch the wheel spin.

That is surely better to avoid if you do not want to take a rest :joy: much better alt-cmd-0 and check how many pages of listings GS has to update and multiply x … I don’t know exactly, maybe @ilja can tell us…

Doesn’t that only count the number that have an Ebay reference to update from? May not be the same number.

Probably yes, but I think that those listings are those who can slow GS because I think they are in majority. Otherwise better again you can check how many GB is your folder in containers under library. This should give you a better idea of your database dimensions, and avoid you to sleep over the desk while the spinning ball works…


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Do you get the beachball when you invoke either the “Update All Listings” or the “Update All Orders” command?

If so, it would be helpful if you could follow these instructions to pinpoint the problem:

  1. Open the Activity Monitor application (under /Application/Utilities)
  2. Select GarageSale from the list of running applications in Activity Monitor
  3. Chose “View” menu > “Run Spindump” (Activity Monitor will probably ask you for an admin password at this point)
  4. Invoke the command in GarageSale once again that produces the beachball
  5. Once the beach ball is gone, return to Activity Monitor, save the spin dump log, and send it to me

Update all listings, NO
update all orders, YES, for about 1/2 second. That just barely spins.
My problem occurs randomly. I will try and time it to see how long it lasts today as I work.

I ran the spindump after a random 10 second color wheel spin that I did not initiate. It is a huge file. How do I send it to you?

It looks like I could post it here but do you want that big of a comment on here?

I thought we were trying to determine the number of records, not the byte size of something?


Well the exact number of item is not very significative after all, it makes much more sense to compare the database size. For example, 100.000 listings with 1 image/each is like 10.000 listings with 10 images/each. Since the exact number of listings (only active/also sold and expired) is not possible to know, apart making computer fans running and large CPU leaking, the database dimensions can give an idea of the database size and so can “justify” the spinning ball. Apart this, I don’t think there is a counter of listings (sold+active+expired+not yet active), apart that one of running ones…

The number in the gray ball tells you how many listings but I don’t see a total # any where.

There is not a total, but if you highlight the main folder, in the top bar of the central panel you should read the number of selected (and so also total) listings. Anyway the big problem is the number and the size of photos, for example I have about 8000 listings, but the folder under containers is 53 GB :scream:

showing 6657 in that bar. No idea where to get GB size of everything with pictures

go to finder and press alt, in top bar go>library>containers>com.iwascoding.garagesale7 and press bar to check total size of your database.