Color wheel spinning more often

260.69 GB Good thing I have a 3 TB size drive and the fastest processor Apple offered?

I disagree with you. If the database is indexed then all the searching and counting will be don on that index. The only time that the size of the database counts is if one tries to output (or display or similar) the entire contents.

What I am suggesting is that the number of records is what appears to slow sown the searching.

I would really hope that CTRL-A only returns the records/fields that are displayed in the RH pane and not the whole record.

That’s a lot!!! So this is not the number as I suggested before. @ilja is needed in this case…

I thought the same at first, but then I discovered that the same number of listings without image fast GS incredibly, and the last @rlmartin reply is the proof that the number of listings is not the problem…

The word “fast” is confusing. Or do you mean it speeds GS incredibly?

You are true, apologize for my bad English. I try to explain better.
Many months ago, when I had time to spare and I was using an older iMac, I decided to upload first the listing through GS (with images), then delete images from the listing in GS and keep them in a separate folder in finder. So the GTC listings on eBay was with images, but that on GS without images. After some time of doing this I noticed that the speed of GS was faster. With speed I mean: moving from order-listing-order sections, bulk selecting and in general spinning ball appeared less often and the usability was faster. Then I understand it was not very intelligent to remove images if you run thousands of active listings and so I put them again in the listing in GS, but I switched to a newer MacBook Pro so the general usability was much faster. Hope this is more clear.
Told this, let’s consider your situation. 6000 listings are not that much to explain a container folder of 200 and more GB, this is really a lot and this is normal that it brings the spinning ball. Some question are needed: do you take RAW images with a reflex and import them in GS? Which is the size of each photo when you put it in GS? How many photos per listing?

I usually use all 12 allotted per listing. 5.5 to 9.3 mb per picture. for a total of 66 mb on the low side in pictures alone. My camera is set to JPEG format

Eh I am convinced this is the issue, I suppose you use a good quality reflex which explain photos dimension. Anyway let’s wait for reply from GS team, maybe they will give a look to such a large database (260 GB is really impressive relating to the number of listings…).
Maybe this calculation has not sense at all, but let’s say you have 12 photos/listing x an average of 7 MB/photo = 84 MB/listing x 6500 listings = 546 000 MB is about 546 GB . In my situation, an average of 2 photos x 8 MB/photo = 16 MB/listing x 8000 listings = 128 000 MB is about 128 GB. Then let’s consider my real database is around 60 GB (about half of previous calculated 128 GB), yours is 260, about half of previous calculated 546 GB. Just a coincidence? I really don’t know, maybe these are just my crazy ideas of Sunday morning :joy: but the fact that photos are a problem of database dimension is quite clear I would say. An insight of @ilja would be very helpful I think!

P.S. I just realized we are going a little bit OT from the original thread about Mojave and spinning ball, maybe this discussion should be split into two different topic, I think.

The number of images or the size of the images has no effect on GargeSale’s speed in general, except for when you manipulate a listing containing these images, e.g. rendering the preview or uploading to eBay.

In this case, the issue was the updating orders in the local database with the data from eBay.

Good to know Ilja, thanks for clarifications. And what about the dimension of folder into containers? Are you planning anything to reduce the size?

Ilja tells me to turn off updates when listing to prevent the spinning ball of death. I will try it and report back. The spindump file told the story of what caused my issue.

I always set updates to Never. Just run it manually once a day or so. Speed is much better this way.

Yes, changing the update interval took care of the spinning ball. I did not notice it was occurring at a regular interval. The update to mojave definitely changed something that made it more noticeable. I am glad to know it wasn’t a program glitch.

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