Colour wheel...RAM hog?

Hi everyone,
I have downloaded version 7 -19
I had 2500 new ebay listings to upload. I am now on my 3rd day trying to get them done… many hours and I am only have 2000 uploaded so far. I realize this is a Beta program and I see many things that aren’t working consistantly which is to be expected. However I spend the majority of the time watching the spinning colour wheel go round. Even scrolling to the bottom takes me approx. 5 minutes.

Every action I take is followed by the darn wheel.
I have 8 megs of ram and all my other programs are working just fine.
Anyone have any suggestions… driving me crazy!


It be interesting to know how much RAM GarageSale is consuming on your Mac when it is stuttering. Can you please open the Activity Monitor utility (under /Applications/Utilities) and let me know how what’s displayed in the memory column for GarageSale (in the Memory tab).

I have to apologize as my Mac only has 4 meg of RAM… I just double checked. I ran the Activity Monitor as you suggested and GarageSale is using between 2 and 3 MEG. That seems pretty high when my other programs use considerably less.
I guess that explains my problem… I need way more RAM to run this.