Copy paste images into gallery

Hey everyone!!! i dont suppose this is possible is it? I have a few listings well few hundread, where i lost images… before garage sale. now those few hundred listings, only have 2 images, is there anyway i can just copy those images again so its becomes 4?

hope that makes sense

All the best

You can manually drag a picture into the drop zone and it will duplicate it. OR drag them both to a desk top folder and then drop them back in and that duplicates them. But a few hundred would take some time

GarageSale’s Editor mode supports copy and paste of images, if that answers your question.

Regards, Kristian

Hey Kristian… ah thats for that, works well…

there wouldnt be a way to do this bulk would htere?

All the best

HIya, yeah i thought about that, but as you said the time, was seeing if there was a bulk way… if not i guess ill just have to do it over time…

all the best

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