Corrupted listing layout

I have for a while had a couple of Templates / listings that seem to be corrupted and recently a few more. A total of 25. They all seem to be older listings.

The Preview mode shows a blank white screen, the editor screen shows either some or all images missing and some have obvious HTML missing.

All new and recent Templates work as they should.

Do I need to create new templates and photos for the old listings or can they be recovered in any way.


Which version of GarageSale are you using?

Latest 7.0.5 Beta 3.

I am in the process of replacing those corrupted listings with new templates and images.

Just to update this.
I have found if you go into editor mode and remove all the missing images and any images remaining, the template comes back and all works again in preview, Just re-add the new images.

This might have nothing to do with your corrupted templates but I thought I’d share in case:

I was running into random corrupted template images, and new ones kept randomly popping up corrupted. I would discover it most often when I was doing a TimeMachine backup. There would often be GarageSale image files that couldn’t be read or written and I’d have to delete those GS image files so the back-up could continue. Turns out my hard drive was beginning to fail, and once I had it replaced the corrupt files stopped. So if you’re having any other symptoms of a failing hard drive (my computer was running a little slower and hanging more frequently), you might want to keep it in mind as a possibility if nothing else fixes it.

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