Crash on scheduler start

Hi -

GS 8.3.6 (1292)

I had 21 auctions left to start for the month. Put in scheduler for late evening. All listings were verified as ok before creating an event. GS crashed during the process.
Crash iD: 8bf7acc2a9922b6d81da98cacc838aad

At 2 AM, August 1st, I awoke & see that no auctions are started and GS has crashed. So, now when I start these auctions, will the 21 count against my 50 in August?

I have the crash info that gets sent to Apple. Will that help you fix the glitch? Please advise.

Thanks, Paula

Update - I thought that listings that were duplicated were causing the crash, but a test this AM disproves it. I’ve deleted & replace the pic thinking that was the issue.

I was able to upload 10 last night, but 19 won’t upload. There is nothing different in the 19 than in the 10 that were successful.

When I change the title, it uploads ok.

This is very frustrating. Can anyone help? THANKS!

Still no resolution. I’ve reinstalled GD, run disk utility many times (no errors)

Was just able to upload 3 listings, then crash. All listings verified before trying to upload.

No tech support. Where are you??

I am not sure what is happening but I too have notice the lack of Tech Support. I know the guys have other work to attend to but just an ACK would help.

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