Crash when moving listings into the Trash?

A number of you are hit by a crash, that happens when your move a listing to the Trash.

This crash is triggered by a safe guard in our code, that makes sure that all items displayed in the outline view have a certain state.

From the anonymous crash reports we receive, it looks like the listing is added to the outline view, even though it is in a wrong state. Unfortunately the crash report does not include enough information that figure how this happens.

If you are a hit by this crash, please let us know how you inserted, moved, or created these listings before moving them into the Trash folder.


@ilja it sounds like a crash I met several times during last months, but not recently. If I correctly recall, it was always caused by deleting the listing pressing the bin icon in top bar, not by manually moving the listing into the bin, or by right click>delete command. The listing that caused the crash, if this is the same situation, always had something wrong, most of the time it was a ghost or a corrupted one after some synch issue… don’t know if it might help.

Have a nice day

P.S. Thanks for the postcard, just received!

Thanks. I’ll try to create a ghost listing and try with that.

Glad you received it.

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