Crashes of application

I had several crashes when I did the same thing. I have a folder where all active listings go after starting. Each time a listing is started it goes right to the bottom of around 1400 listing and I have to move each time from top to bottom and then from bottom to top. Several times I go from bottom to top it freezes and crashes. What do you thing about this?

Thank you

Thanks for reporting. I can see the crash reports coming from you, but there wasn’t enough information to replicate issue.

Can you give a step by step list what you are doing? It sounds like you are starting a listing with the “Move Original Listing” option. Is this correct?

Hello @ilja ,
welcome, I try to help as possible. I sent you at least 4 crash reports today and all for the same reason.
Well, I have an idea concerning this crash. I think it crashes every time GS freezes and spinning ball appears while moving up-and-down in listing section, like it could not support the freeze and it shot down. Here a list step by step.

  • in listing section I have a folder where all listing goes after starting. It is a very long list (about 1400 active listings).
  • when I start a new one, the model (dashed listing) stays in top lines of listing section and
  • active listing (blue one) goes in that folder and is situated in the last line (bottom of the folder)
  • then I decide to modify it, so I go down and down and down in listing section until I reach the last line of that folder where the new listing went after activation
  • I modify it, then I have to return to top lines of listing section in order to reach dashed models and start new items
  • I hold right side scrolling bar to move faster to top lines, but it goes jerkily and if I move it from bottom to top too faster it freezes, spinning ball appears and it shot down

I hope it could help. Anyway I think it is because of slow motion that freeze GS and shot down…

So you have both, the “Move original to” and “Duplicate Original” options enabled in the “Launch Control” window?

Yes I have both activated

Yes, now me too. Crashed 5 times.

Is the crash scenario (scrolling after starting a listing) the same as described in this thread?

Well it’s more scrolling after modifying a listing just after its activation…

Is any particular part of the listing that you are modifying?

Also, if you are getting that crash that often, can you record GarageSale with QuickTime player and send us the movie once a crash happened.

We still cannot reproduce it, so it’s probably a specific sequence of user actions that’s triggering the crash.

I have found that mine tends to crash if I try and list more than 25 items at a time. While it is listing, if I try to do anything else, it will crash.

Each time I have sent a crash report.

Not a particular one, but it is title or price or category

I think you are again right, it must be a specific sequence! I tried and tried again with video recorder on but it never happened (damn, I am sure it will crash as soon as I will give up recordering because it makes GS slower). I have to say another thing. As you stated with all crash report I sent you, as soon as it happens it continues happening, like every 5 or 10 modified auction. On the other hand, if it does not happen, it does not crash at all… so I am sure it must be a diabolic sequence :expressionless:

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