Creating multiple listings at once


I am new to Garage sale. Cant believe i did not find this before as it seems really good. I have learnt how to create a listing. Sorry if this is a silly question but is there are way to create numerous templates and then list them all in one go or do you have to upload them one at a time?

You can select multiple listing at once by holding down the shift key on your keyboard while clicking in the left-hand outline view. If you hit “Start Auctions” with several listings selected, GarageSale will start all of them.

Hi - it is an awesome program! You can select multiple templates and then hit START AUCTIONS (it adds the S if you select more then one), or use the scheduler to send multiples.

Thanks Guys very helpful. One more question that i cannot find an answer to. Prior to finding Garage sale i was creating my listings on ebay. I already have about 300 items running. Is there anyway to revise the listings so that they match my design for listings created on Garage Sale without creating new templates for each of them and then cancelling the existing listing and uploading a new replacement through garage sale?

Check this out


Thanks once again this is really helpful.