CSV creation for import, Attributes (Item specifics) etc

I have mostly worked out the details for creating a CSV for importing into GS (v8.3.6). I’m glad to see there are now many input mapping fields now possible (in contradiction to any GS help files I can find). It all seems to work very well but I’m confused about some things:

  1. For Attributes that can have more than one possibility, e.g. “Material”, how do I enter that data in the spreadsheet? When I look at an export of a current listing that has several materials all shown as different rows in the normal listing’s Attributes section, I see “Material:Stainless Steel;Brass;ABS/Plastic;Metal” - but if I import that format back into GS it all just comes in on one row (including the word “Material:”. At one point I was also seeing that whole line surround by speech marks (") - not sure what that means and I also saw it happening to the product title a couple of times?

  2. Regarding the Attributes (Item Specifics) selection upon import, I have column headers in the CSV set to what I want the “Attribute Name” to be called, e.g. Material or Colour, but then I have to manually type them in again in the import window. Is there anyway to populate this via the CSV data import?

  3. For each Attribute I have to have an extra column in the spreadsheet, I assume this is correct/as intended though it would be easier to view and edit if it followed the format as I see in the GS CSV exports where several attributes are all on different rows per cell (and each row has each sub-attribute separated by a semi-colon - is this not possible?

I’ve managed to do the image imports from local files, that seems to work well but again it’s all in different spreadsheet columns - my spreadsheet is geting very-very wide and unweildly.

  1. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but when I do a test import of three items when testing the Materails attributes to see if I can get more than one sub-material name showing, at first when viewing item 1, the attribute in the listing does not show the +box to add more (just one line shows and no box), I then go to item 2 and see the +box, then going back to item 1 and the +box then shows.

  2. I have hunted the help files and forum for better details on the CSV import but can’t find anything detailed, just old details it seems. The pop-ups that explain the Attribute adding (and other items) in the import dialogue sort of help but make me wonder what I should be doing when they specify “You can use multiple ‘customSpecific’ elements to add a list of custom specifics (item attributes) to your listing. Each element must have a ‘specificName’ and a’specificValue’ child element” - I am at a loss to know what that really means or what to do with that information - I tried entering things like that in my spreadsheet but nothing seemed to work but I’m guessing it may help with getting the problems listed above sorted out?

NB: I am not using the CSV import for “inventory items” just for standard listings (in case it makes a difference).

Many thanks.

Could you share an exemplary CSV files with multiple values for the same eBay attribute, so we have something to tinker around with and make up our minds how to best fix this?

Thanks for your offer to look into these issues.

A detailed email has now been sent to you with sample screen images, notes and CSV files.

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