Custom Header (store banner) in Template

How do you use a custom header in a template - for instance in the Pro-Header template. I have looked at the documentation but couldn’t find anything for that specific task. I tried replacing the code in the copy I made in the original template with my background image (currently accessed via a shared link on Dropbox) but it didn’t affect the template at all. I have tried to load it in the App Store storage location and also directly in the Design Templates folder of the original app resources folder. The header I want to use is the banner I currently use on my eBay store (1200x270) but can be resized. I would appreciate any assistance :smile: thanks!

Hi 3cs,

many of the Pro Designs come with a special field for a header image. In these designs you can insert your header/logo image in Properties Inspector.
Please see the previews in the Design Store and/or the help here (scroll down there):

Which design are you referring to?

Regards, Kristian

All of our images are not fitting correctly, is there a recommended size for the image to be? Currently every image we try to like to our temple (Pro:Garage) is not meeting the full size of the template.