Customizing Pro layout


I’m wondering if and how I’m able to control the color of the arrow next to my store name:

Also, if and how I’m able to edit the cardboard banner. If possible I’d like to create my own hero banner.


Hi jybarra,

I just replied to your mail through our support channel, too.

In general the designs included in GarageSale can be modified directly, e.g. by using the Design Utility. Please see the help here for more info:

However, in GarageSale 7 replacing the arrow icon can only be done if you have another arrow icon hosted on your webspace. (…or you simply disable the existing arrow icon, that’s possible, too.)
In the upcoming GarageSale 8 the arrow icon is drawn in the code so it’s much easier to modify it.

The background image can be replaced this way, too.

Regards, Kristian

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