Decided not to upgrade, now my earlier version will not open. Ack! Need to revert

Hello fine GarageSale folks. When asked to buy version 7, I agreed to download. I’ve since changed my mind after reading the new features and would like to continue using my older version 6+. I’m just not up to learning a new version and fear GarageSale 7 listings would not be compatible with my husband’s version on his older Mac running GS 6.8 on OS10.7.5. The only option now that pops up when I open my GS is to enter a serial number or quit - neither of which allows me to use my older version. How do I continue using the version I paid for earlier. Thank you in advance, Tammey

Hi Tammey,

you can still download the old GarageSale 6 from our GarageSale website here:
(click on the grey “Download Older Versions” button there)

Regards, Kristian

thank you!
you’re wonderful

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