Default auction settings issue?

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I setup my default settings using GS7 Preferences>eBay>Copy all setting from this listing:
I dropped a master listing template in the dropzone area.
I then imported from GarageSale Scout.

It appears almost everything imports fine except the text right below Item Specifics. The pictures import just fine but the text that I have in the Master template does not get imported. This text us usually just above the pictures. The only text that ends up being above the pictures after the import is the Latin(?) verbiage.
I’ve tried deleting the Master dropzone area, restarting GS7, re-dropping the template, importing 1 selection from Scout, importing 4 selections, etc. All seem to ignore the text I have set up in the Master template.
One thing I did notice is whatever I put in Scout>Notes area DOES replace the Latin verbiage.
My workaround is easy, just a copy/paste from the Master I want to use to the ones I imported.

Anyone have some guidance?? Thanks in advance.

Hi Les,

as far as I can tell there’s currently no way to do this. When importing from GarageSaleScout, GarageSale will always pick the notes/description from GSScout, even if that field is empty.

Here’s an idea:
Create a new text snippet and insert your default item description there.
If you import a listing from GSScout just insert that text snippet into the item description.
Please see the help here to learn more about the text snippet feature:

Regards, Kristian

Seems that if GSScout is empty, GS inserts the default Latin verbiage. That said, seems like your idea maybe a decent workaround. I’ll give it a try. Thanks! :+1:

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