Delet Key does not work in GS7 todelet auctions.?

slecting a finished auction and hitting the “delete key” was my usual method in GS6…

but no longer works in GS7… Why.

now I have to right click and them mouse navigate to a menus. Can I please have the selecet and “Delet” by keyboard back please…

(had my Right hand reassembled after a powers saw accident in 2007. so th eless mousing I do th ebetter it is for me.)

Regards, Sandy

26 pm

To delete an item hit cmd-delete on your keyboard.
If you open the Edit menu in GarageSale you can find keyboard shortcuts next to the commands.

Regards, Kristian

confused… I just cant see it. sandy.

edit menu

It’s called “Delete Listing” in that Edit menu.

Regards, Kristian

If you have the auctions selected that you wish to delete there is a Delete icon up towards the top left of the window.

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