Deleting old version?

Have updated to GS9, working fine, although a little sluggish. That said, now that I’m on 9 wondering if I can delete GS 7 without crippling the functionality of 9?

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Yes, just delete any older version, don’t worry.


Simply dragging GS7 into the trash will not delete every file it installs.

Software often installs hidden files in various folders in you user account.

You should use an like AppCleaner. You drag the App you want to delete onto its icon and it will attempt to find all files pertaining to the App you want to delete. You look though the list and uncheck any you do not want to delete and then tell it to delete the rest.

In this example you unselect the GS9 plist preference file.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 2.16.19 AM

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