Description Shows as Gibbeish

I just got a message from a shopper saying that the description on one of my items was “not readable” and “gibberish.”

So I checked it out and she was not exaggerating!

What could I have possibly done to make this happen???

I still have Mac Sierra (10.12.6)

It looks like plain text (no text formatting, no design template). Did you mabye edit or revise that listing through the eBay website?

Feel free to post a link to that listing so we have a chance to look at the source code.

Regards, Kristian

Yes, though I have frequently revised items and never had this problem. :frowning:

Is there a way to fix it without removing it and losing the watcher(s)?

Link to Problem Listing

I checked the listing: The strange is it includes the CSS code of a design but all HTML elements are removed for any reason.

OK, but to ask more specific: Did you make the revise on the eBay website or from within GarageSale?

Regards, Kristian

From eBay itself.

Is it possible to make revisions from within GS without having to remove the original listing from eBay (thus getting penalized by the second posting)?

Sure, you can even bulk-revise several listings in one go.

Thank you, Ilja. I somehow missed this response.

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