Design Template Pro:Mainstream Header Problems

I have just purchased the Pro: Mainstream template where you can add your own custom header. I seem to be having difficulty in getting my image the correct size for the header. It either does not accept it because it’s too big, or it looks way too small.

Does anyone know the exact size in pixels for the width and height?

I am new to this so just learning!


Our designer @kristian should be able to help you, but unfortunately he is on vacation for this and next week. He will get in touch with you, once he is back at his office desk.

Sorry for not being able to give you speedy solution.

Hi jd001k0598,

In general you can add an image of any size. The default height is 350px (but you can adjust the header height).
By default the image will be displayed centered (this can be changed by inserting some extra CSS code, if required).
Since the listing has a flexible width the header image should look fine on a small and on a large display. E.g. you could insert a very wide image (maybe 1400px) where the main graphics/logo are shown in the center. Or you create an image where the edges “fade” into the (customizable) header color…

If you need further help with that, please let me know.

Regards, Kristian

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