Design Template View Not Friendly Anymore

I like the V6 design template view on the top of my listing form and my ability to scroll and adjust the size. On the new Design Template view they templates are quite small like icons and difficult to see what they look like.

Am I missing something here? I also notice all of them are checked, not sure how to use this new feature, is there any information about this?

You just click on a design once, and if you are in preview mode, you can see immediately how it looks on your listing. You can also use the two small arrow buttons next to design button in the toolbar to cycle through the design quickly.

Hi IIja…I knew about the top icon and used it, but when I clicked on the “View” Design Templates the list comes up with the thumbnail views. All checked as you can see in my screen shot and when I try to click on any of these there is no reaction at all.

So the questions if in V6, you had the ability to split the screen see the designs above the preview, double click it and it changed your template preview to see what it would look like. I could also adjust the size of that split screen to view the templates larger or smaller.

This new V7 seems to go backwards in this regard and not as user friendly, unless I am doing something wrong. Have a look at my screen shots and see what I mean.

Additional screen shots

Here is a video of how this is supposed to work:

If you don’t get this behavior, is there something logged into the Console utility from GarageSale at the time you click on a design?

From your video took another look and realized very small menu on top of pop up window offering List View and Image View…

Never saw it…would be nice to have an instruction sheet with some of these features :slight_smile: I know you are working on it. I am trying to get to know how to use this version so I can do a full review of V7 and running hundreds of auctions on eBay now to help my son out of a massive inventory of video games he now owns from a company that went out of business. This gives me a great opportunity to test V7 and all the new features.