Design Templates Incomplete

Hi, I’m just starting to use GarageSale 7.0.7 (after a long break from eBay and previous versions of GarageSale).

I need to change all my listings to responsive format and update them, I’m browsing the inbuilt design templates but I only see some of them. The names are there but no thumbnail. In the Library Folder the “missing” templates have no body.html file nor thumbnail.jpg file. Only the Info.plist file is present.

Needless to say, when I select to use that template there is nothing in preview (apart from the fill text). I’ve tried reloading templates and they all refreshed from v4.0 to v4.2 (or as applicable). But still no design content.

For example “Shining Black” works but “Shining Red/Blue/Grey” do not.

Hope I can get some advice so I can get selling again. Thanks in advance, and also for a great product that lets me work on my mac! regards, Stuart

Could it be that you edited the design templates or created your own?

  1. Open GarageSale 7 and select “Open User Library” from the HELP menu. In that Finder window do you find a folder called “DesignTemplates”?

  2. Mabye your current copy of GarageSale 7 got corrupted somehow. Please trash it and download a new copy. The latest version is GarageSale 7.0.8b8:
    GarageSale 7.0.8 Beta 8 Released

Regards, Kristian

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