Disable Auto Navigation to Trash Folder | Multiple Quantity Duplication of Listings

The Deleted Listings folder with trashcan is located below all the other folders.

To empty this one currently needs to:

  1. Open a contextual menu using the Control key and select Edit > Erase Deleted Items.

  2. Select Edit > Erase Deleted Items from the top menu bar.

After this is done the left column auto scrolls down to the bottom and this folder is selected.

I then need to scroll back up the place I was in the column of folders, wasting time.

I’d like this automatic scrolling and selection of the trash folder disabled.

If the select a listing and press the Command and D keys a duplicate of the listing is created below the original and both are unselected. The same occurs if I select the listing and use Edit > Duplicate from the top menu.

So if I want to duplicate the same listing template five times I have to reselect it five times and use one of the above menu option or key combination five times. There should be a menu option or key combo whereas I can instruct GS to create 5 copies. Perhaps by typing “5” into a popup window that automatically closes after you type the quantity in.

“Hint: When holding down the control key when invoking the “Duplicate” command, you can create an arbitrary number of duplicated listings:”

Also see the screenshot here: GarageSale Help

Consider this fixed in the next beta version of GarageSale 9.1.

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