Displaying categories in a theme sidebar?

Hi everyone,

I am creating a custom store theme and having a bit of an issue getting it to display our store categories in the sidebar. So just wondered if anyone could offer some advice or point me in the right direction to achieve this?

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

In your sidebar you could add somethin like this:

[[foreach category item.storeCategories categoriesLoop]]
<a href="[[category.url]]">[[category.name]]</a><br>
[[foreach category category.childCategories subCategoriesLoop]]
<li><a href="[[category.url]]">[[category.name]]</a></li>
[[endforeach subCategoriesLoop]]
[[endforeach categoriesLoop]]

Please note: The store categories can only be shown in your listing design in Preview mode if you actually have a store category selected in the Inspector!

Regards, Kristian

Hi kristian,

Thanks so much for the reply. I have tried that code and it is working! :slight_smile:

I am also looking to add a gallery in to the listing. I believe that this is the code which will display the images:

[[foreach image item.auctionImages imagesMainLoop]]
img src="[[image.imageURL]]" - Had to remove the < > to get the code to display in the message
[[endforeach imagesMainLoop]]

Would you be able to point me in the right direction to create a simple gallery with a large image and thumbnails?

Thanks again for your help.

Sorry, there’s no placeholder for creating a whole image gallery.
Instead you have to code it by using HTML and CSS code. If you’re not familiar with HTML you shouldn’t give it a try though.

Regards, Kristian

Hi kristian,

Totally understand. Will have a dig around and see what I can find.


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