Does GS Have a List of eBay Errors I Got?

Is there a way to get a list of eBay messages from GS?

I have 300-380 items from last night which have had their category changed and many of them, apparently, have also had their PRODUCT INFORMATION.

I’m hoping to minimize the amount of work I have to do by working off a list instead of looking at each of my listings.

I’m assuming this is a “NO”?

Either that or I ask too many questions…

A Google search using ‘eBay error code list’ turned up the following:

I don’t know if it is complete. Hope this helps.

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Wow! Thank you! That is helpful, but not what I was asking for. (I bookmarked it for probable later use.)

What I was trying to say is that I am looking for a lit of the errors I personally got, either from GarageSale or from eBay.

I have probably 200-300 listings that had their categories changed, and rather than going into every listing I have, finding, and revising those that were wrongfully moved, I would like to have a list to narrow down which ones I have to change.

I’ve changed the title of this thread to clarify.

That would be useful.

Sorry, there is no such list to the moment.

We had something along this lines in GarageSale 6, but since nobody seems to use that feature and I was hard to maintain, we decided to drop it from GS 7.

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