Don't switch auction mode sounds helpful, but?

Don’t switch mode afer(sp) auction start is helpful if GarageSale
should stay in template mode after you start an auction. Otherwise
GarageSale will switch to the started auction.

I’m not sure what this means? That I won’t have to go back and forth to the auction folders and can still make changes. I’d like that…

If I did switch my preference, how would that affectstrong text running auctions?

In GarageSale 6, after you have started an auction, GarageSale selects that newly created auction record in the auctions section of the outline view for you.

If you have a lot of templates and auctions, it can be quite cumbersome to scroll back to your starting point in the auction templates section, e.g. because you want to start another auction.

If you click the the “Don’t switch mode after auction start” setting, GarageSale will not select the new auction record. Instead your auction template will remain selected.

This is a non-issue in GarageSale 7, as there’s new separate auction record created, as all the information about the started listing is right saved in the listing record.