DOWN! Store categories are blank & Cannot Start Auctions

Refreshed token access and have redownloaded categories via the preferences.

Cannot select store categories. Drop down is blank.

Last night it worked find. GS V7.0.20

update. Obviously it’s not connecting to ebay either - as when I click start - nothing happens.

@ilja @kristian please help. I’m down.

The only thing I fiddled with last night is I had to add a couple of certificates to my system for webdav and caldav purposes. but other than that it was working fine before then.

Can’t select store categories and cannot start listing. Just upgraded to the new beta version to see if that would solve it, but it did not

Update: I had to delete my ebay account from preferences and add them again. paypal api stuff is gone too - I’ll have to set that stuff back up.

Back in business.

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