Downloading categories Timing

Downloading categories Timing is terrible. Why does it have to be done when I am starting work? Can’t it be done in the background or any time except when I choose a listing to work on? GS has been running for months on end and as soon as I click on a listing for the day and I see this screen pop up…
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 8.17.36 AM
and then I wait…

I do see this sometime Richard but obviously not as often as you do. However I think your idea has merits and it could maybe send a message to the Activity Viewer - as long as the Activity Viewer is not cleared every few seconds. See my latest post.

I don’t make changes or add categories but maybe once a year so it doesn’t need done every day. Maybe a once a week when a user is not on-screen or after a wake up from sleep or one time a month before or after a cancel and relist session?

We had to rework the category download mechanism for GS 9 because of the announces eBay API change, so hopefully whatever caused the category download to become stuck was hopefully fixed during the rewrite.

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