Drag & Drop Photos in Preview Mode

The only way to drag and drop photos from the Apple Photos app into a listing is to do so in the Editor Mode. It does not work in the Preview mode. I brought this up years ago when the same problem existed in an earlier version of GS and at that time GS fixed the problem. Now it is back in 7.0.10. I see that this has been discussed previously and GS has blamed it on an Apple issue. I dispute this because you can drag the photo to your desktop and then drag it from there into the Preview mode placeholder box. There is no reason why GS can’t simulate this 2-step process in their code and accomplish a one-step drag and drop from Photos to GS Preview mode. They did it once before why can’t it be done again?

I have no other issue with GarageSale and have been a satisfied user with 20,000+ listings since 2012.

MacOS High Sierra
Version 10.13.2
Garagesale Version 7.0.10 (818)

Sorry, it may look as if there’s a simple solution to this, but this matter is a little bit more complicated. We can easily receive drags from Photos in interface components we wrote ourselves, as we do in the Editor mode.

But for preview mode, we are using a component supplied by the system called WebView. Unfortunately the drag and drop support in this component cannot deal with drags from Photos. We talked to Apple engineers, and they know about this problem. Even Apple applications like Safari und Mail cannot accept image drags from Photos.

Unfortunately this problem doesn’t seem to be very high on Apple’s priority list. :frowning:

I will chime in only to add that this impacts much more than GS. I have several programs that don’t work if you are dragging photos from the Photos app to another of these apps, even when drag from desktop works fine. I’ve even found that if you need to drag a photo to Safari, it won’t work unless it leaves Photos first and goes to the finder.

If IWC did fix through their own cleverness, it would likely break every time apple updated the software.

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Apparently, there is quite a bit more to it than I appreciated. Thanks for the response(s).

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